Shalom Park Cycling Team

Check out part one of an interview with the Shalom Park cycling team! This interview features Tina Taylor – Team Captain and Resident Life Director, Marc Penner – President and CEO, and Selene Neuburg – Sr. Marketing Coordinator.

As of Today, what is the longest distance you’ve traveled by bicycle in one day?

Tina: I would say my longest ride in a day was about 88 miles. I am pretty sure it was supposed to be only 75 miles, but I got lost on my way back home.

Marc: 20 miles

Selene: To date, my longest ride in one day is 86.6 miles, like Tina, I was only expecting to travel 75 miles by bicycle that day.

What inspired you to attempt the 2018 Bike MS Colorado ride?

Tina: When I was younger we had a family friend who had MS. He was one of the friendliest, kindest, and strongest people I have known. He maintained his integrity, faith and positive attitude throughout his battle with MS. He was an inspiration to me. When I started my career as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist I worked in a community that served individuals with many diagnoses including MS, and I saw that same spirit of determination, kindness, and integrity, and was inspired by each of those individuals. I could never give back even a fraction of the life education they gave me, but doing the Bike MS ride is a way for me to do something in their honor. This will be my 2nd Bike MS ride.

Marc: This will be my first Bike MS ride, I was inspired by my amazing colleagues and their enthusiasm toward this great event.

Selene: I had been considering doing this ride for a few years just for the physical challenge, but I was honestly too nervous to take the plunge. While still a little nervous, I’m thrilled to join a team and start training with my dedicated coworkers.

Tell us more about your cycling journey?

Tina: I grew up taking bike trips with my family. Even when I was younger and couldn’t bike as far as my older siblings, my dad would give me an end of a rope or dog leash and would pull me along. I am hoping that when I get tired during the Bike MS ride someone will just pull me the rest of the way too!
Nowadays my husband and I both enjoy biking for leisure, and I enjoy the occasional spin class when the weather does not permit an outdoor ride.

Marc: I consider myself a recreational bike rider. Back in Indianapolis, I rode the Moana Trail with my family.

Selene: I’d say I’m a dedicated recreational rider, a ‘wannabe’ athlete.

Interested in joining the Shalom Park cycling team? Click here. If you want to make a difference but can’t join the team? Consider donating to our fundraising page – Click here to visit the Shalom Park Team Fundraising Page.