Please Join Our Community and Donate Today!

Dear Friends,

My heart goes out to all who have been affected by this global health crisis. I humbly thank those working to combat and contain this threat. Shalom Park is one of those communities working with at risk Elders and Staff who are working to distance this virus from the nursing home.

This is an unsettling, challenging time for us all. This year Shalom Park was so kind to ask to honor me for their Annual Fundraising Event. After speaking with the team at Shalom Park, I would like to defer my moment on the stage to next year. It is important to focus on the present and address the health and well-being of the Elders at Shalom Park. Each day the Staff ensure our Elders are cared for with true compassion and commitment to their well-being. The Staff put themselves on the front line 24-hours a day to protect our Elders.

I would like to appeal to you this year, not as an honoree, but as a concerned community member who wants to protect our community. The Shalom Park Elders share our history and lived through a crisis similar to the one we are experiencing today. They are the ones who may give us strength through their knowledge and experiences. Please take a moment to contribute to Shalom Park at www.shalompark.org, or you may call Rhonda Morrison at 303-400-2219 to make a pledge or donation.  Your donation will help keep Shalom Park Elders and Staff safe and healthy.

Be patient, be well, and if I can help, please let me know.

We’re All in This Together!


James L. Kurtz-Phelan

Friend and Shalom Park Counsel

Please Join Our Community and Donate Today!